• Relocation and transportation

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  • Dismantling, disassembly, demolition, clearing and disposal

    Repair procedures generally begin with the phase of preparation of the premises for the proper repair works. Prior to the commencement of the actual work at this stage, a survey of the premises takes place.

    We assess the type of walls, explore the possibilities and reconstruction and examine precisely the available electrical and plumbing installations in order not to damage the remaining ones.

    Premises undergo a process of thorough preparationfor the remaining stages of repair works.

        • disposal of discarded furniture and belongings;
        • removal of floor coverings;
        • disposal of wallpaper, tiles, wall decoration , etc .;
        • dismantling of built-in furniture and removal of sanitary faience;
        • disassembly of doors and frames;
        • dismantling of window and door frames.
  • Surface levelling with plaster or mortar

    Upon disposal of old floor coverings, whenever rough construction or reconstruction of the premises is underway, the procedure requires at times the additional application of leveling mortars.

    Our experts will provide you with comprehensive explanation of the process and the required activities to be carried out, as well as the types of material, their advantages and disadvantages, to assist you in making your choice of the best materials, technologies and practices of plastering and leveling.

    The kind of foundation that floorings are fixed upon is essential in diminishing the wear effect for materials over time. The professionals from Remont Expert perform accurate leveling mortars and plasterings to install replacement flooring upon.

  • Construction of walls, drywall technologies, space optimization, edgings and details

    Pursuing the best format of space optimization, we proceed with designing partition walls allowing projects to be created to suit your specific requirements. Drywall technology makes it possible to fashion your home or office according to the style of your personal preference. Remont Expert undertakes to offer the most appropriate options in terms of location, the expected level of functionality and opportunities for implementation.

  • Flooring and wall coverings

    Remont  Expert undertakes to offer you the most suitable assortments of coverings – natural and laminate parquet, granite,  ceramic tiles, plastic floor coverings, carpet, natural stone materials, decorative flooring etc. from reliable manufacturers. We, the professionals from Remont expert will  join you in a tour of the retail stores from our network of partners to help you get the best quality at a preferential price. We will provide you with the opportunity to choose from a selection of products at the best  price. The assembling and mounting procedures shall be performed in observance with the specifications, for which you are entitled to receive a warranty.

  • Wall processing - paint, decorative plaster, wallpaper

    To ensure flawless application of the final layer on the wall surface, a crucial role is played by the ground coating. Be it plaster or cement, we always recommend priming in order to bring the permeability of the surface into uniform condition. This will ensure even application of the upper layer and the overall consistency of relief and color.

    The choice of colors and their proper application depends on previous activities related to the alignment of the walls, and once fine plastering is finished, you can choоse the way you would have your walls decorated – painting, wallpaper, decorative plaster, wainscotting, decorative tiles etc.

    The professionals from Remont Expert will  assist you in choosing a suitable method for processing and decorating the walls in compliance with any interior design solutions suggested by you.

  • Systems - electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning

    One of the most important elements in your home are the utilities . Nobody wants to see exposed wires or flooded drainage channels.To ensure your peace of mind, Remont Expert has equipped their experts who can plan and implement correct positioning and montage  of your utilities connections.

    When creating a project for repair works and subsequent finishing activities, the professionals from Remont Expert undertake to coordinate the procedures of construction, removal or maintenance of various installations before any working process has commenced at  the premises.

    We plan the construction of all installations:

    • Plumbing for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms
    • Electrical and low voltage systems; air ducts for ventilation systems, air conditioning systems, heating units, absorber hoods and more
  • Mounting procedures

    The purpose of mounting and installation procedures is to ensure style and class are added to the visual appearance of your home or office. Trust Remont Expert and we will help you to get special pricing proposals match your taste.

    You will receive professional advice and installation of:

      • Lighting fixtures switches and sockets;
      • Doors and frames;
      • Windowsills and showcase windows;
      • Coverings and sanitary ware;
      • Tubs and shower cubicles;
      • Electric appliances;
      • Built-in furniture.
  • Manufacturing of built-in furniture

    Ever wondered what you can do with that niche in the room? Have you tried looking forready-madekitchen units to fit the available space? Remont expert will prepare customized proposals to help youmaster every centimeter of space in your home / office.The projects are entirely tailored to the specific characteristics of your premises and your desire for functionality and ergonomy. In the process of manufacturing high quality materials are used for each stage of production and installation.