Why Remont Expert?

  • Because we save you time, efforts and money!

  • Because you win quality implementation of your repairment project!

  • Because you deserve reliability and guaranteed quality!

  • Because Remont Expert works for you!

Kitchen repairment

Bathroom repairment

Office repairment

Personal repair expert

We provide a project manager for your repairment. This is a representative of Remont Expert who will manage all procedures and process regarding the repair works, will consult you and will be at your disposal.

Preferential prices

We provide preferential prices for buying materials and for interior design solutions (floor coverings, sanitary ware, plumbing system, doors and frames, electric appliances etc.)

Detailed offer for repairment works

We create a project for repair works with details for the measurements and calculate the areas of the floors, walls in each room.

Guarantee for quality from Remont Expert:

  • we provide warrantees for the qualitative performance of complete or partial repair procedures;
  • the materials we use in our work are obtained exclusively from reliable suppliers;
  • we pledge the observance of all technological requirements throughout all supported procedures of construction, repair and installation work;
  • compliance with technical standards and regulations of all procedures of construction, repair and installation works;
  • warranty and post-warranty maintenance.